Our coffee is roasted by our pals at Velvet Sunrise, located in the bustling burg of Stouffville Ontario.

We get a fresh shipment every Friday afternoon 52 weeks a year and we only buy what we need for the week so you're always getting fresh beans.

Our 340g bags of

 coffee are always available at The Mad Bean or just send us an email and we'll arrange to ship to you directly.

Here's our lineup:

Steampunk Espresso

​Medium Roast

- Brazil, Sumatra, Guatemala -

Liquid Night

Dark Roast

​- Ethiopia, Honduras, Brazil -


Medium Roast

​- Sumatra, Brazil, Burundi -

Mountain Water Decaf

Dark Roast

- Colombia, Brazil -


DUBLIN FOG - Minty green tea, 3 shots of vanilla and micro-foamed milk of your choice.

LIORY'S LATTE - Rooibos tea, 2 shots of vanilla, micro-foamed soy.

JENACCINO -  Chocolate syrup, Raspberry syrup, micro-foamed skim, 2 shots espresso, whipped cream, drizzle of chocolate on top.

ELLAMISTO - 2 shots espresso, hot water, steamed milk.