This is us.

The good looking one in the middle is my lovely wife Lisa. The "Oh my God he's actually smiling!" one on your left is my youngest son Cody and the fellow looking pensively into the distance contemplating what he's going to have for lunch is me, Brian. 

We've been slinging coffee to the folks in Forest Hill since 2010. It's been a fun ride and we hope to keep it going for for another 13 years. 

And now our AI generated speil.

It's mostly true.

Welcome to The Mad Bean!

We are a​ family owned​ coffee shop located in ​mid​town​ Toronto​, serving up delicious coffee and treats for our customers. Our passion for coffee and dedication to quality has allowed us to create a unique experience for everyone who walks through our doors.

At The Mad Bean, we believe that coffee is more than just a drink. It's an experience, a moment to be enjoyed and savoured. That's why ​our roaster Velvet Sunrise take​s​ great care in selecting only the highest quality coffee beans from around the world. Our signature beans are roasted in small batches, ensuring that every cup of coffee we serve and every bag we sell is fresh, flavorful, and perfectly brewed.

In addition to our exceptional coffee, we also offer a variety of delicious baked goods​,​ ​f​rom our famous ​carrot cake to our flaky croissants, we have something to satisfy every craving.

But The Mad Bean is more than just a coffee shop. It's a community. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming space where everyone can come together and connect over a shared love of coffee. Whether you're looking to catch up with friends, get some work done, or simply enjoy a quiet moment to yourself, The Mad Bean is the perfect place to do it.

We hope to see you soon at The Mad Bean, where every cup is a little bit of magic in your day.